Houses at a glance

The house system was introduced in 1932. The idea of house points for inter-house competitions came into being in 1937 and the March Past was instituted in 1940.

In 1932, Benthien, Fisher, Stephen and Watson Houses were formed. In 1958, Weston House was added on. Delima House was established in 1963 and Laura Gill House was introduced in 1969.

Each house has been named after former Principals, benefactors and friends of the school, who contributed generously to its growth in the early years.

Miss Elizabeth Benthien was Principal of the school from 1907-1909. “Bend to Nothing” is the motto of this house with its emerald green flag.

Miss Edith De Lima did a double stint as Principal (1955-56 and 1957-59). She had a big heart and lots of spirit.”Forward Ever Backward Never” is the motto of this house.

Miss Fannie Fisher donated generously to the school in 1910. “Persevere to the End” is the motto inscribed on this purple flag.

Miss Grace Stephen, another friend of Baldwins, after whom Stephen house is named, supported the school through gifts and valuable advice in 1932. “ Step up, Stephen” is the motto of this house.

Mis Laura Gill, devoted to the progress of the school, stayed on in the school till her death in the early 1960’s. “ To Greater Heights” is the motto of this house.

Miss Ella Watson contributed towards the building “Watson Hall”, which housed the dormitory in the early years. “Flame of Hope” is the motto engraved on the banner of this house.

Miss Mae Weston was the Principal of the school for twenty long years from 1935-1955.
The motto of Weston house is “Never Despair”.

House songs, appropriately composed in keeping with each motto, ring out every Thursday during House chapel.