kayKay Robertson
Co-Star of Duck Dynasty

“At the lowest point in my life when I didn’t even want to live because my marriage and family were a mess, all I could do was to cry out to God and ask Him for help to find some peace and hope. I soon learned that God was there to help me through the Holy Spirit and Jesus inside me. I began to understand that they would be the anchor that would never leave me, even though the rest of the world would still be a mess. These same principles have been taught at Mercy for over 30 years to broken young women. My good friend, Nancy Alcorn, is the founder and president of Mercy. I have seen firsthand young women completely transformed by the work of Mercy, and I believe in what they are doing!”

daveDave Ramsey
Popular Radio & TV Personality

“As a father of two girls, I certainly know what girls face today. So many do not receive the right kind of love from their families and make bad choices without realizing it. The guilt and shame from these devastating choices often lead to serious struggles with self-destructive behaviors. I have watched Nancy Alcorn and Mercy bring hope and healing to struggling young women for many years—young women who were completely without hope. Mercy offers great inspiration, hope, and a way to true healing for all who want to be free.”