School Hymn

School Song

We build our school on Thee, O Lord;
To Thee we bring our common need;
The loving heart, the helpful word;
The tender thought, the kindly deed;
With these, we pray,
Thy Spirit may
Enrich and bless our school alway.

We work together in Thy sight,
We live together in Thy love;
Guide Thou our faltering steps aright,
And lift our thoughts to heaven above,
Dear Lord, we pray
Thy Spirit may
Be present in our school alway.

Hold Thou each hand to keep it just;
Touch Thou our lips, and make them pure;
If Thou art with us. Lord, we must;
Be faithful friends and comrades sure;
Dear Lord, we pray
Thy Spirit may
Be present in our school alway.

We change, but Thou art still the same
The same good Master, Teacher, Friend;
We change, but Lord, we bear Thy name.
To Journey with it to the end;
And so we pray,
Thy Sprit may
Be present in our school alway.


School crest

A white shield on a field of blue, the torch in the school crest denotes truth and light; the open book, God’s Word and knowledge; the laurel, honours; and the Harp, cultural development.
‘Loyalty and Service’, the motto, demands faithfulness to God, to oneself, to the school and the nation together with concern and care for all life.
Founded on the bedrock of Christian principles, we are inspired to instill spiritual values, which we believe will shield our girls from forces acting against their interest. The ideals that we seek to impart will be a guiding light for their mental, physical and spiritual growth, helping them to stand with conviction and discharge their duties as women of substance, fulfilling God’s will for their lives.

The Cross and the Flame

The Cross and the Flame are rich symbols of the Methodist Church which relate the Church to God, through Christ and the Holy Spirit. For Methodist Schools,throughout history, this fire has burnt most brightly when it has resulted in Christian service to others.