Principal’s Message















It is a wonderful privilege to be the Principal of Baldwin Girls’ High School, Bengaluru, not merely because of its standing as one of the prestigious educational institutions for 137 years in the city of Bengaluru but more because of its “People centred, people oriented and people friendly” environment.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the Baldwin family.  Our ultimate goal is to provide each student with basic facts and experiences.  We believe in providing outstanding opportunities in a challenging and supportive environment.  I expect the students to be frequently inspired through excellent teaching, stimulating opportunities and the joy of their achievements.

I believe that human potential is unlimited; the higher the aspiration, the greater the achievement.  Baldwin Girls’ High School expects students to aim high in all they do and also promotes extensive communication with parents.

In a world that is globalized, profit-oriented, where consumerism seems to reign over values and ethics.  I believe that we are different as we are constantly engaged in working towards fullness of life for all.  We also intend to equip our student in every way to help them rise above the masses and establish themselves into holistic and proactive global citizens who can confidently don the mantle of tomorrow’s leaders.



Mrs. Salomi Rakesh Ratnam